Wale II

For entertainment personality performing at the Wale concert, and working in the contemporary live entertainment and radio host fields.

Developed a personalized marketing model and plan, with financial drivers. Marketing plan included traditional and digital components to engage and build client’s fan base, promote entertainment services nationally, and increase ROI.

Drove client’s marketing strategy plan for his performance at the Wale concert, a nationally known music performer who is on the Maybach music label
Created a personalized digital marketing framework with outreach elements including persona that drives and delivers results
Sourced, managed and directed video crew to produce digital content
Managed post performance videos and photo content to ensure editing and content distribution throughout major digital platforms and client’s website
Promoted client’s unique live performance activities and engaged performer more effectively with digital and non digital fan base
Increased client’s billable client base for performances (private and public) annually 165%​
Integrated social and outreach strategies for pre performance PR including radio show updates and digital assets
Increased audience base presence on social media and micro blog platforms by over 250%
Worked with event producer and client, to integrate artist’s performance into producers marketing plan and PR strategies (event posters and other takeaways)
We were responsible for successfully finding creative solutions to the time and budget constraints that impact client’s project, while keeping the quality and integrity of the creative work
Drove social media platforms content development (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
Provided web development design strategy for client’s CMS and microsites including analytics reporting