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Author | Chasing The Cure

Author | Chasing The Cure

November 1, 2016

Chasing The Cure

Chasing The Cure
Richard A. Blasband, MD, formerly faculty member of Yale Medical School
“Really excellent work!”

York Dobyns, physicist, Princeton University “Whether you’re a healer, a doctor, a biologist, or simply an interested citizen, you owe it to yourself to find out what Bill has been learning over the last two decades.”

Client is a University Professor in NYC, cancer researcher, president of a leading global professional scientific organization, and author of “Chasing the Cure“. Client also has appeared on the Dr Oz show to discuss his cancer research.

Create digital awareness and visibility for brand to engage current fans and increase client’s seminar audience. Author also wanted to promote his upcoming book release.

At the time of the pre book release client did not have a digital marketing plan or strategy. Client also did not have a website, email strategy or way to engage and create loyalty for his cancer research, seminars, and new book release about his cancer research. More importantly, client did not have a digital ROI plan for maintaining his customer base from book sales and professional outreach activities once the publisher completed its brief book release PR campaign.


Created a digital marketing plan and content framework with personalized data drivers

Produced (authored) original digital content with an eye towards increasing awareness, engagement and new customer acquisition and conversion

Unique content was curated and published on social media platforms, micro sites and blogs. Content and user activity was then tracked and analytics data analyzed for engagement strategy purposes and testing of landing pages

Through unique content and daily updates of client’s digital assets we increased digital awareness, engagement and conversions of his cancer research work and upcoming book release by over 100%

Increased brand awareness for seminars and book sales

Drove 150% increase in overall awareness and online digital presence

Client name
Chasing The Cure
Marketing Strategy|Content Producing