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Content Producer | E-Commerce Label Design | E-Commerce Strategy

Content Producer | E-Commerce Label Design | E-Commerce Strategy

September 30, 2016

Label Design Strategy

(Consumer & Retailer Marketing E-Commerce)

Product marketing strategist for beverage company

We produced clients product and digital media assets from concept to final version, product logo, product labels and bar code placement for all product labels. Hired and interviewed designers from around the US, and managed the digital team including the printing side of project. We were also responsible for sourcing barcodes for the entire product line and created brand idenity persona.

Our label design strategy was driven by a product personalization model using financial drivers to provide for ROI.

Brand and content personas are an important elements of designing the customer experience. We focused our creative team research on wine industry label design concepts, financial model drivers, consumer research and personalized content architecture. We created a personalized content framework that drives and delivers results.

Wine industry creatives have a unique skill set, they can create a small label advertisement complete with logo and valuable copy (story). Their product and label is then placed on retail shelfs (displays) with a large number of competitor bottles (products).

E-Commerce project also included complete website design, build, cross-functional team management, multi media (rich media) content producing, customer print takeaways, IT and design team sourcing and management, budgeting and ecommerce strategies.

Client name
Think Matcha Tea
eCommerce Design/Marketing Strategy|Content Producer