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Content Producer | Social Media Marketng Strategy

Content Producer | Social Media Marketng Strategy

July 30, 2016


Social media start-up company (1 million dollar private investor funded company)

Co-build and launch a digital content platform, created and drove digital marketing plan and brand identity persona
Co-developed MemCatch financially driven digital content strategy framework and IT platform
Drove successful global digital content ROI strategy to US, South America, Asia & Pacific Basin
Maintained communication among cross-functional teams (design, technology, testing and new site features launch)
Owned the process for creating, enforcing and managing the content production plan timeline
Created/drove ecommerce content ROI strategy drivers
Drove data driven strategies in blogosphere for engagement campaigns increasing visibility by 151%
Built/drove global digital blogger/PR database, over 100 micro site back links and postings
Co-created content tracking monitoring feature to increase new platform users retention and reduce attrition
Created and implemented content marketing strategy including content tracking module, mobile app (GPS) & UI (UX) testing
Co-developed website calls-to-action (with UI (UX) team) and instructional video & user help solutions feature
Developed custom landing pages, A/B testing & optimization
Developed internal user reporting process & analyzed data to allow tracking and metrics data collection in blogger outreach campaigns
Interfaced daily with IT architect team of three in leading the development, implementation and analysis of digital strategy and social engagement strategies
Drove new user base exceeding 16,500 unique users per month in the early stages of company launch
Served as a company social media spokesperson at conferences, outreach, VC events
Built/managed marketing specialists team of three, & two website usability UI team experts
Managed first year annual marketing budget consistently meeting goals

Client name
Marketing/Digital Strategy|Content Producer|User Experience Design Management