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Bravo TV Network|Top Chef

Bravo TV Network|Top Chef

September 8, 2014

Bravo TV Network: Top Chef Celebrity 

“Peter Sabbagh has a great eye for digital media and seeing what could work to help you grow and expand your company’s reach in the world” – Andrea, Bravo TV Network Top Chef Contestant & Brand 


Client (HHC, AADP, CHEF) is a nationally renowned Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef. Named one of the top 100 Most Influential Health and Fitness Experts of 2012 by Greatist.com, she is also a recipient of the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Award for Excellence in Health-Supportive Education and a Health Leadership award from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

In addition, client was also award-nominated for their cooking show Fed Up!, she has been a featured on Top Chef, The View, CBS news, Fox News, Emeril Live and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living radio. She also teaches classes and seminars at a wide range of institutions nationwide, including The Institute For Integrative Nutrition, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, The 92nd St Y, The Natural Gourmet Institute, The James Beard House and the New York Open Center.


Increase Brand’s customer base, loyal audience, advocates, consulting, product sales an ROI. Client also needed to manage its digital assets and marketing plan with limited resources (staff), so working more efficiently (smart) and effectively was important.


  • Digital marketing plan/strategy provided client with increased page view conversion into sales, reduced abandoned shopping carts, increased relevant engagement, fan loyalty, and an email engagement process
  • Digital marketing plan helped develop internet food and health based TV program opportunity with email database for continued contact with customer
  • Content producing involved sourcing bloggers and subject experts, and developing an editorial calendar. The creation of a blogger team would allow for consistent in-house editorial (media company approach) producing that would further build client’s expertise and brand, and establish it through all relevant digital media touch points (over 100)
  • Through ongoing analytics client gained a deeper understand of who Brand’s audience is, and what social media engagement activities produce real value for its brand. This information was then used to create well educated, predictable and effective business, marketing, advertising and social media campaign decisions that are financially and data driven
  • Part of the marketing strategy plan was to take the Client’s TV fan base, convert it into a usable warm business leads, rank them, and separate out find Brand advocates from passive fans. Creating content, customer and Brand personas (content mapping), webinar and email campaign strategies helped achieve part of the client’s marketing plan
Content Mapping

Source: Content Institute

  • Analyzed website for mobile viewing (based on website analytics and viewer device behavior), to increase social engagement and business leads and deals
  • Our  objective based on the page view analytics was to reduce the bounce rate from 59% to 46% by creating content that viewers most enjoyed reading (creating customer personas and A/B testing would help reduce the bounce rate through relevant content). We also wanted to increase repeat visits (recency and latency), and reduce the length of brands purchase cycle (downloadable health videos), by making the client’s website mobile friendly (approximately 1/3 of the sites visitors were using mobile devices. To increase mobile activity the website’s content could be crafted to help the mobile viewer search while in their environmentally unique viewing conditions. This would include screen size proportions, on the go user behavior strategy design, and shopping behavior strategies that could be used to navigate users to relevant information quickly
  • Recommended that analytics from Brand’s Facebook page be linked to client’s website, and shopping cart app be installed in FB page to drive business to website shopping cart. (Social engagement analytics were missing from Google Analytics tracking)
  • Recommended that client measure all social media activity and campaigns on its digital properties
  • Social media monitoring should be performed throughout the year for business/competitor intelligence gathering (locally and nationally). Business leads, Brand advocate engagement, and blogger outreach campaign(s) including a content calendar were developed
  • Researched and analyzed several months of social media conversations (Google Analytics) from website and client’s keyword terms. This provided data on sentiment (brand mentions negative or positive), and business intelligence analysis
    The social monitoring platform Radian 6 was used to analyze and evaluate customers’ global online conversations
  • Launched blogger team that would create regular content to extend brand recognition, business leads, book, speaking engagements and future product and service offerings
  • Sourced and interviewed a blogger team and built content posting calendar
  • Tracked client’s competitors PCP campaign strategies, competitor spending, and keywords to allow for more effective digital campaigns
  • Identified competitors best performing keywords, PPC keywords that actually work, and best ad copy and landing pages to use for client’s market
  • Plan recommended using new social media technologies found in start-up centers to engage and increase fans and new business opportunity leads
  • New relevant content posting strategy was initiated for website and social media platform(s) (Facebook, Twitter and others), based around analysis, and customer persona creation
  • email strategy included developing a database for ongoing communications with current fans/client, potential business, Brand advocates, contacts, and lead scoring contacts
Client name
Top Chef Bravo TV
Marketing Strategy|Content Producing