Million Dollar Listings |Bravo TV Network

The Company:TV Celebrity Brand

Client is a successful real estate TV personality (Million Dollar Listings), and a highly visible public figure that is performance driven. She specializes in business consulting, original multimedia content sales (video programs and other forms), TV, Print and Radio personal brand promotions. Client is also a real estate and motivational speaker and preforms these services in the United States and internationally.

The Challenge

Implement an effective digital marketing and social media strategy and plan that provides client and fans with relevant content for engagement. Client’s content should also nurture, convert social media fans into warm leads, and increase digital business engagement and sales. Celebrity fan base had to be distinguished from its actual customer base to allow for lead scoring, nurturing and retargeting. All earned, owned and paid digital media should me managed to increase client’s engagement and/or revenues. Fan digital touch point activity should be sustained even when personality’s reality show broadcast is not airing on network  TV.


Created a six part digital marketing/social media plan for client to increase engagement and convert relevant fans into customers

Provided regular analytics analysis, content tracking and social behavior evaluation of client’s digital assets and fan activity using Google Analytics and Radeon 6

Digital marketing plan allowed for the following business improvements:

Increased and stabilized (loyalty) brand’s client base
Increased paid public appearances
Increased relevant multi-media brand content that could be sold to their customers
New website with mobile capabilities was implemented
Client’s support team has a new and more effective digital road map to follow to improve their business development process in the future
Brands marketing team has greater knowledge on how to successfully market client’s brand in the future
Digital marketing plan increased profits

Image: Architectural Digest