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eCommerce Design Strategy

eCommerce Design Strategy

August 30, 2016

Strategy: Create a financially driven digital content model using rich digital media to promote product sales and ROI. Customers are informed by educating them with a unique personalized content framework that is data driven to allow for A/B testing and marketing strategy innovations. A PPC campaign was also launched receiving a first page 1 through 3rd positioning. We increased engagement and product sales by over 250% in 6 months. Retargeting campaign developed new customer conversions and increased sales, and loyalty program increased repeat customer sales by over 200%.

Slider image located on the web site home page is linked to products collection page. Slider also has an audio podcast that encourages product usage by educating customers about the many ways Brand’s products can be used. We designed entire customer experience.


Client name
Think Matcha Tea
ECommerce Marketing Strategy|Content Producing