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Global Event Marketing | Content Producer

Global Event Marketing | Content Producer

November 3, 2014


An international IT consulting company with business operations in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, and the Pacific Basin.


Company required a marketing plan and experienced marketing strategist to implement a new marketing vision for profitable growth globally. When we began this assignment, the IT Consulting industry was very competitive and mature, and the Brand was almost entirely doing business in the United States.

Drove and produced successful localized marketing event brand awareness campaigns in five countries and built brand identy persona
Strategies included international news media, original content, local outreach and media, PR, rich media, and digital website strategies
Customer’s clients included, Merck Pharmaceutical, Ebay, Sun Micro Systems, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, IBM, JP Morgan, Chase, Merrill Lynch, PNC, Oracle, Society General, Air Products and others
Served as company spokesperson for all international events, including outreach, PR, marketing strategy related campaigns and Successfully rebranded/branded company globally
Produced over 1000 global presentations for company over a 4 year time period increasing gross revenues by 1 million annually
Managed global marketing budget of $300,000 through aggressive negotiations, between global media, governments, media agents and employees



Client name
Global Marketing Event Strategy
Cross Cultural Event Strategy|Content Producing|Marketing Strategies