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  • Bavo TV Top Chef, and Natural Foods Chef/Holistic Health Coach, Inspirational Speaker

    Peter Sabbagh, Blue Sky 365’s Content Producer/Strategist has a great eye for digital media and seeing what could work to help you grow and expand your company’s reach in the world.

    Andrea - Bravo TV Top Chef

  • Peter Sabbagh, Content Producer/Strategist at Blue Sky 365’s  has a great marketing mind, adept at all things digital, social, and otherwise. He has diverse skills across marketing and business strategy that brought significant value to our organization on a daily basis. He was also the quintessential team leader and team player, perfect for rounding off any management team.”

    Keith Bourne - Lead Mobile Strategist at Arbormoon Software, Inc.

  • “Blue Sky 365’s Peter Sabbagh, Content Producer/Strategist worked on our global business models and implementations relating to digital strategy, digital marketing, web 2.0, business process outsourcing projects, web site content, and client development issues. His dedication and effectiveness in all aspects of the business process have always been exemplary. Peter has excellent personal and business qualities. He builds trust and confidence amongst top leadership, which is one of the most reliable predictors of an employee’s success within an organization. He cares about making and maintaining strong relationships with employees, for example by helping employees grasp the company’s overall business strategy so they can contribute and achieve key business objectives. He has the skills to communicate a vision of where an organization needs to go. He seeks to contribute to and improve a business process through ongoing self-study, education, training, and experience. His enthusiasm inspires his colleagues into higher levels of teamwork, by setting high standards and goals across the entire spectrum, be it strategy planning, market leadership, presentations, productivity, quality, or reliability. Peter would be a real asset to a dynamic and growing company. I wish him great success in all his endeavors. “
    Jayantha Ekenayake CEO - Founder/CEO Kandysoft Global Corporation.

  • “Peter Sabbagh, Content Producer of Blue Sky 365  is an amazing social media professional, and is similarly passionate, encouraging and effective in both marketing/social media and as a manager. He has a real commitment to developing effective and usable tools for users, and in making an effective first impression. Peter also is always interested in finding new and effective tools and information on creating a better product and serving people better, and always pushes to provide users the best experience possible at all times. Most importantly, Peter is always supportive and motivating to accomplish more and better work. I can honestly say that working with Peter was a true learning experience, and at all points he was professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work under. It was a great experience to work with him, and I would recommend him to anyone.”
    Saul Wyner, User Experience Designer - Direct TV

  • “Blue Sky 365’s Peter Sabbagh is a talanted individual who excels in servicing the needs of his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter as his work is outstanding. Its a delight following his postings and ponder at his insights.”
    Hiten Patel, - IT Strategy, Solutions Architecture, Business Process Analyst, Predictive Analytics

  • “Blue Sky 365 is a positive force to work with. If you have a marketing or PR campaign that needs to penetrate the global business environment, digital or traditional, they can make it happen. They can also build a global contact relationship database from scratch. Their vision and skill to strategize comes from many years in the global business forum, its team has actually worked in many countries globally, and this gives him the special edge to better understand how to localize a campaign. They can lead a campaign and also mentor a team; they make sure they learn from each experience and challenge, this is rare in the business world. They thrive on developing relationships and building a business environment through great talent, vision and guidance.  They believe that the customer or user is smart, and not to be perceived as naïve or unintelligent because they do not understand a particular business and IT issues, this approach increases the effectiveness of their campaign strategy. I’d recommend them any day of the week to anyone seeking to expand their marketing and digital strategy, they are professional, and I have grown professionally working with them”
    Emre Ozel - Export Sales Representative at Private Sector Company

  • “Peter Sabbagh, Content Producer/Marketing Strategist is a great person to work for; he is innovative, encouraging, and incredibly passionate about his work in digital/global marketing and social media. I would highly recommend working with him. He understands that usability is a necessary condition for survival. He believes in getting it right the first time, and that If a website is difficult to use, people leave. Peter advocates that testing should be done before starting the new design, and/or test the old design to identify the good parts that you should keep or emphasize, and the bad parts that give users trouble. Peter is excellent at listening and responding with creative approaches and solutions that brings both a smile and real results. He is very supportive and motivating and believes in the power of collaboration, it was a really wonderful experience working with him.”
    Clair Cabrera - User Experience Designer at University of Michigan Medical School

  • “Peter has been associated with me for several years in Marketing and Business Development for my law office in New York City and Mumbai, India. Peter is an excellent communicator, produces tangible results, takes action, gets the job done right, and an individual who has the ability to motivate others. His strengths lie in his ability to direct others, coordinate activities and manage all aspects of a business venture. What is even more laudable is his high level of integrity.”
    Cyrus Nallaseth Esq. Immigration Attorney - Partner/CEO, Cyrus Nallaseth Immigration Law Practice

  • “Peter’s professional advancement has always been inseparable from his educational aspirations, which develop hand-in-hand with a thirst for knowledge, consulting, mentoring, and applying his skills in real world situations, internationally and domestically. He makes the strongest candidate in business because of his willingness to learn, and stay on top of his field through ongoing research and creativity.”
    Michael Benchetrit Immigration Attorney - Fragmon Del Ray